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There are a lot of causes of knee pain, but anytime you have knee pain it’s a clear sign that something is wrong, and damage is occurring, either slowly or rapidly.

This needs to be addressed by a competent physician with knowledge of how to assess your spine, pelvis, hip, and ankle for imbalances, and screen for any potential damage. And then, focus on a rehabilitative program to decrease any possible inflammation and normalize the motion again.

What exactly causes knee pain and why does it keep coming back?

This is a common question that gets asked all the time. Most of the time the pain in the knee is caused by problems outside of the knee.

Believe it or not - it’s true!

The knee is a relatively simple joint that has two major ranges of motion, front to back with some minimal rotation. Now, why would a joint that had only two motions be the cause of the most common pain in the lower body? It's because the knee has no way to compensate.

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Our medical office is a top-rated integrative and regenerative medicine clinic providing innovative and compassionate care for patients at Spine and Injury Medical Center in San Jose, CA. Conveniently located on Saratoga Avenue, the practice offers a comprehensive array of care and treatment options including regenerative medicine, laser therapy, spinal decompression, chiropractice, exercise therapy and other treatments for back pain relief, sports injuries, arthritic conditions, chronic pain, neuropathy, and treatments for injuries arising from motor vehicle accidents.

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"Doctor Brad is truly exceptional! He is one of the most caring doctors I have had the pleasure of having. He is professional, takes his time to listen and explains things to me in terms that I can understand. The entire staff at Spine & Injury Center are beyond amazing. They do anything and everything to help you and get you the best care. I would recommend Dr. Mouroux medical office to anyone!"

Kristina Zaborovskaya, on Google

"Extremely thorough investigation as to the cause of my leg pain. Treatment plan has been continuing. What I like about this office is that along with the chiropractic work they prescribe follow up exercises which are designed to strengthen the areas needing work. Very nice staff and Dr. Mouroux is great to work with."

Lisa Marquis, on Facebook

"Dr. Mouroux not only excels in his chiropractic skills but also has empathy and concern for his patients. My husband threw his back out and was fit into the schedule to be seen and treated the same day as a new patient. In my experience this does not happen very often these days."

Kathy Ries, on Google

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